We believe life has many obligations and our youth is a major priority that needs support and resources to thrive.

Key factors that many children and young adults struggle with are as follows:

Educ ation



Life Skills


Youth 1st Inc.  is founded to serve and  support our youth in these fields of need and work as a liaison to provide as many resources as possible to do so.


Our Team

Torise Baker

Chief Executive Officer/ Board of Directors

Torise has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and a Human Resource Management Certificate, in addition to over 20 years of experience working with people.  She is dedicated to giving back to the youth and community to assist in the success of our children's future.  As the child of an incarcerated parent that has also suffered with substance abuse addiction, she understand and relates to the youth needs in these environments and has identified ways to try to make a difference.  Her passion for Change, Growth and Helping people has made the founding of this organization effortless.  She is ready to give back by making a difference by putting our Youth 1st!

Phylicia R. Brown M.S.

Vice President/Board of Directors

Phylicia R. Brown is a Bridgeport native and life-long resident. Phylicia holds a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership with an academic concentration in Human Resources.  She has been cited as a champion for education and literacy access.  She is the Founder of The GEMM Project Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Guiding, Empowering, Motivation Mothers nationwide. Phylicia is ready and poised to be the change agent for Youth 1st Inc. needs.  She is the loving mother of a beautiful daughter, a trustworthy friend, and a reliable neighbor.

Shanina Barnwell

Chief Financial Officer/ Board of Directors

Shanina is a marketing guru that has over 10 years of corporate finance experience. She  has managerial and marketing skills that make her a prominent  key in the success of Youth 1st Inc.   As an experienced corporate  employee, her leadership and professionalism ensures our communication needs are met with ease.  She is excited to bring her financial literacy and finance experience to ensure our donations are used to the fullest potential.

Kimberly Fair

Secretary/ Board of Directors


Kimberly  has an Associates Degree in Business Administration as well as administration experience.  She is an substance abuse counselor and group leader for recovery and rehabilitation.  She has also worked with children over 30 years.  Her stellar dedication and group leadership qualities  surpass many in the community.  We are proud to have her serve as a liaison between parents/caregivers and our youth needs.  Her warmth and inviting spirit is an inspiration to our donors and volunteers to the highest degree.